Welcome to the Outer Banks

First Class Service, Relaxed and Carefree

Welcome to North Carolina’s beautiful Outer Banks. Cabana Boys Beach Services is committed to providing you a beach rental experience that’s fun, friendly, and hassle-free.

Our beach setups bring you the “Cabana Boy” lifestyle, with superior customer service and top-notch equipment, that’s also environmentally friendly. You deserve a great vacation!

The Original Cabana Boys

Some enterprising Outer Banks residents came up with the idea for Cabana Boys Beach Services after a day at the beach with their families and kids and all their gear and toys in tow. “How the heck do we make this easier on ourselves?” they asked one another. “It needs to be about relaxation and fun, not worrying about hauling all this stuff in the car.”

The answer, they decided, was to provide a service where everything needed for an enjoyable day at the beach is already set up when you and your family arrive. They started working on the logistics behind Cabana Boys Beach Services soon after and the rest is history.

Cabana Boys Beach Services is more than just beach chairs and tents, it is a high level customer service experience. It’s specially tailored for those who may not be local to the OBX, but it’s also for anyone who just doesn’t have room in the car to pack bulky beach items, or doesn’t want the hassle. It’s a simple solution with the goal of having lots fun.

How It Works

You Reserve Your Spot

Customer makes online reservation with their location address

We Set Up

Cabana Boys sets up desired items as close as possible to location requested at nearest public beach access point by 10am each morning.

We Text You

Cabana Boys notifies customers by text of the setup with a picture of the setup and sign marking the setup.

We Clean Up

Cabana Boys returns every evening to pick up all items at 5pm.

Our Partners